Window Washer 2011

Window Washer 2011

Wash away computer usage traces with ease

Window Washer 2011 helps you protect your privacy by erasing all the traces left by computer usage. View full description


  • Efficient cleaning tool
  • Highly customizable
  • Support for scheduled cleaning
  • Support for safe cleaning


  • Strange function names are confusing


Window Washer 2011 helps you protect your privacy by erasing all the traces left by computer usage.

You may not notice it, but your computer stores all sorts of data about you while you're using it. And that information could put your privacy at risk. Window Washer 2011 uses unusual terms to name its functions. "Washing" means removing traces of computer activity, and "using bleach" means applying safe deletion methods to make data unrecoverable. Although it's a creative measure, it can be a bit confusing at first.

The program's configuration menu lets you select which elements you want the program to erase. Window Washer 2011 first creates a list with all the programs you have installed on your system. Then it lets you add any other items.

The choice options on Window Washer 2011 don't just include internet-related items such as cookies, browsing history and form data, but also recent document lists, temporary files and other logs that store your activity. Window Washer 2011 also has support for scheduled "wash cycles," so you can choose when you want the washes to occur, and supports four different methods to overwrite files.

Window Washer 2011 is one of those programs that needs to be tested for a long period of time in order to check whether it's actually doing its job effectively. After several tests, however, it managed to clean 239 MB of data, which is pretty respectable for a program of its class.

Window Washer 2011 lets you wash all computer usage traces away in a few simple clicks.


  • Deeper cleaning power to cover even more areas of your PC
  • Free space cleaner to free up more of your PC's resources
  • Protection for more browsers including Mozilla and Firefox
Window Washer 2011


Window Washer 2011